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Writing can be a lonely practice. You sit in one place for long stretches of time, pounding out your story in the hopes that one day someone will read it, love it, and publish it. Until that happens, the solitary nature of the craft can create a lot of second-guessing and self-doubt, especially when you don't have anyone to talk to about your work. Add iPhones, social media, and life's constant distractions to the mix and you have a writer's recipe for disaster. What's a writer to do?

Enter WriterTalk! It's like therapy, but for writers.

Sometimes you just need to talk to someone who gets it. Maybe you're struggling with a character or a plot point or you have no idea what your novel is actually about. Maybe you want to finally become a freelance writer but don't know where to start, or you want to crack the code on building your writing brand and learn how to get thousands of Instagram followers.


Whatever you need help with, I've got you covered.

So what do we talk about?

Whatever you want!

What do you need the most help with as a writer? Some possibilities might include:

  • Getting started on your novel

  • Staying motivated & inspired

  • Developing believable characters

  • Cultivating a daily writing habit

  • Building your writing brand

  • Breaking into freelancing

  • Marketing yourself as a writer

  • Editing your work

And why should I work with Josh, AKA WriterPal?

I'm a freelance writer, writing coach, tutor, and novelist-in-progress! I've been writing nonstop since I was 9 years old and created @WriterPal in 2019 as a way to inspire and connect with other writers. I'm on a mission to tell good stories and help my fellow writers do the same!

You will have my undivided attention, support, and creative guidance as we work together on getting you farther along on your writing journey. You know how athletes have coaches and entrepreneurs have mentors? I'll be your personal WriterPal! (See what I did there?)

Do I have to sign up for a subscription?

Absolutely not! WriterTalk is 100% flexible and totally dependent on what you need. You can sign up for ongoing check-ins or a one-time chat!

Choose Your Plan:

  • One chat whenever you want, no subscription necessary!

    25 US dollars
  • Two chats per month scheduled at your convenience, billed monthly.

    40 US dollars
  • One chat per week, or 4 for the month, billed monthly.

    80 US dollars
  • One chat plus Editing Services (up to 5 pages of writing)

    35 US dollars
  • Two chats plus Editing Services (up to 10 pages of writing)

    70 US dollars
  • Unlimited chats per month, scheduled weekly, billed monthly.

    125 US dollars

I Can't Wait To Talk
To You!


Shoot me a message with any questions you have!

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